Monday, October 15, 2012

{shake, rattle, and roll: Discovering Your Calling Part 1)

I'm beginning to discover that the more you invite God into the existence of your life the more He invites you into a spiritual reality of a future He wants you to have.

I've had this nagging dream on my heart about something the last couple of days. Something I never would have thought about myself. Something I never would have taken time to pursue although when I look at it I want to bonk myself in the head and say to my heart, "Duh, that's what has been missing." I'm not quite ready to share that dream yet but soon. Yes.

When I was writing this post and trying to come up with a title these three words immediately came to mind. "Shake, rattle and roll." Or as I saw them for this post, "Let's try to bring across the effect of what it's like to figure out your calling in life." As you read from the beginning first two paragraphs of this post you realize that I am still figuring that out myself. I think we all tell each other that it really isn't that hard and it should be easier. And maybe we are just making it hard when it looks like it is easier for everyone else. Gah. No. Let's just start out with a clean slate shall we? Everyone is special. Everyone has a story that will start and end differently then the next person, AND, thank God it is different. When did we start comparing ourselves to others anyway? Stop it. Stop it right now! Don't ruin your full potential by comparing yourself to someone else.

Have you ever fallen in love with an idea that someone else has done and tried to mimick it? A craft, a way of living? Only to find out that when you start doing something similar it comes out all wrong? You don't get the same compliments, the same pleasure out of it. Yep. Been there too. That was until God said to me one day when I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't have everything put together like the other person that God made me a certain way to live a certain way and to reach other people different from me in a certain way.

What I realized was that growing into the best version of me that I could be was probably going to be enough work in itself. So I settled on making it my duty to work on a part of it every day. How does this work? If I was worried about my posture and always thinking about a ballet dancers lovely posture I'd be really sure to make sure I stood up straighter when I sat down at my office chair. Or how about loving that Itialian or French language? Gosh girl, get yourself busy and into a community ed class or community college. Alot of them offer online or evening courses where you can learn at your own pace at your own time. Don't let life circumstances make up life excuses.

Write down those things you can change about yourself. Then write down those things that you are going to learn to love about yourself that you can't change. There are things I know I could never change about myself. But I have prayed to God to help me love them so that I can stop self hatred from eating me up and getting jealous of someone that I end up ministering too just because I have issues, NOT the other person.

See where I am getting at? To understand your calling begins in the beginning. Not in the middle or the end. And usually someone who is at this stage of wanting to understand their calling is looking for something more then just the ordinary. So let's take some time together and rest and relax in the Lord about our callings. Because they are there and we haven't missed out on anything. I promise.


Get out your writing gear and Bible. Put pen to paper and get your hear out. If you don't already journal I suggest you start. There is nothing more soothing then being heard if all it ever means is you just putting it down in a private place for yourself. Let God in and let go. Write out all your zanny passions, ideas, dreams and ideals. There isn't anything perfect in this world no matter how many people tell you they have it. BUT, God can set you in a place that is perfect for you. Isn't that what we are asking for?

I thought so. :-)


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