Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{my smitten mitten heart}

I'm kinda disappointed in myself that I didn't blog about this earlier. For heaven's sake people. Sad stuff. Anyway, like a bonk in the head and a duh to everyone else, it is fall. I've been so busy with home renovations to get the house in order for putting it up for sale that I sorta kinda missed... don't say it... fall. :-(
I know. Bad, bad Emme. How could you? And how did you? I don't know. But as I cooked in my little spit of a kitchen yesterday with the front door wide open beckoning in the last of what will be one of the nicest days in October, I realized I hadn't taken time to notice fall, or enjoy it. I didn't take long walks, dream under dampled laden grass, or drink my ashamadely horrible amount of pumpkin spice lattes from Caribou. I've had two? Maybe.... maybe? I know. Like I said. Sad. Sad. Stuff. Oh and to make matters even worse, only one of them was from Caribou. The other one was from a Dunn Brothers in Minneapolis when I went to go and see my sweetheart and it was... ghastly horrible. Like a mixture of coffee grounds and dirty water with some nutmeg on top. Yeah. That's PRETTY horrible. Bah.

Anywho, because I'm in a reminiscing sort of mood, I thought I'd share with you some things that make me light up about fall...

1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Come on, you're loser if you don't know what I'm talking about. Oops not nice. Sorry.
2. My wedding anniversary! WOOOYAH!
3. Crisp mornings. Great excuse to bundle up and hide the extra marriage rolls. ;-)
4. Football games. Yes. I love football now. Maybe even more so because when I am at the house alone I can turn the TV on and put on the game and imagine my sweetheart is at home.
5. Warm coats, boots, mittens. Oh gosh I said that already.

Anyway, that's the list and I know it would be longer but do you really care? Probably not. So don't worry, I don't care either. What's your favorite thing about fall? Are you getting all carried away with decorating your house for it? I am. Oh my gosh am I ever. Can't have fall outdoors have it inside right? That's my motto! ;-)



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