Welcome to Emily's Muse, my blog dedicated to photodocumenting my many adventures as well as sharing the true stories of how I got here... mostly, in one piece!

I started blogging back in May of 2007 and really fell in love with connecting with other women like myself who were only a click away. Somehow reading their stories made sharing mine a little less intimidating and so I began. Something you'll see soon after spending some time on this blog is how much I love telling stories. Either those from the days when I was a little ragumuffin farm girl on the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota to now being an adult traversing between my responsibilities and dreams. I love telling my own stories and other peoples' stories that encourage, and inspire through humor, hope, love, tragedy and triumph. You will also see that behind my stories and stories of others that I share, speak of an undeniable faith in God, a faith that cannot be shaken.

Recently married to the love of my life (October of 2011) my hubby and I are working at turning the house that we own into a home that we love house ready to sell for our move to the big city of Minneapolis! From DIY renovations and a good supply of enthusiasm for elbow grease, prayer and determination, I think we can pull it off! ;-)

With every new day comes new adventures, hopes and dreams. I look forward to sharing with you my continued adventures!

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