Monday, August 20, 2012

{i'm back! AND... with an update!}

Hey there bloggers!

Long time no see uh? I've been gone for six months. GASP! Oh my goodness. Let's just say that it was a much needed break but also a time to reflect on what I want this blog to be and where I see it going in the future. You'll see that I've made some big changes and updated all of my pages at the top (including our love story and wedding pictures! YAY!). Taking time away from blogging really allowed me to focus on my new family, my passions, interests and also grow as a human being (because who stops the growing process right?). Anywho... it's all about honesty here and I love being able to do that with my blog too!

One of the exciting things that I am SO thrilled to start on this blog is monthly series. I will have guest bloggers, artists, and just plain cool women (even some brave ladies from my own family!) to talk about change, love, raising kids, growing up and just living. We all need a boost and so why not help boost each other up? Right? Of course right. :-)

AND, to the update. I am moving! Seems to me that alot of bloggers are moving out there. Maggie at Gussy Sews, Naomi at Rockstar Diaries,  Molly at Urban Nester, and Britt over at Secondhand Magpie. Whoosh. Lots of change. How'd it all go down? Well, Husband was blessed beyond peachy pie to get a nice new dig down in the big city of Minneapolis, he starts next week! YIKES! That means little Emme here has got to get herself packed up with the two furry kids, including selling a house and get her little self down there soon so that she can be with hubby (could be a month or so). So it's farewell to the Northwoods and holla to the big City. Never thought I'd actually say those words out of my mouth but heck, when you follow an awesome God you go where He leads you and to the City we will go. Oh and for the record? Both of us are SUPER excited. Like beyond excited. So cheers to fresh starts and follow the call! YAY!

Oh and back to regularly scheduled blogging starting in September. With a list of my new personal goals, blog goals and a series on change. I know with all the change I'm going through lately it sure has caused me to fall on my knees more then once in prayer. So lets adventure through the good old book together and see if we can't fiind some encouragement and inspiration to set our feet on the right path. Shall we?

See you in September!



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