Monday, November 7, 2011

{weekend recap}

Walloped. I mean it too. Saturday took on a whole new form of being just dead serious sick. High fever, aches from head to toe and now... crud in the lungs that just keeps tickling my throat. Yuck. Dear hubby has the yuck too and is managing to make it through the night without too much couphing, poor guy.

A few things I realized that I never understood so well before... before I was married. Just how much your heart GROWS in depth and caring and empathy. When I thought I could only love SO much and then there... without even telling you, you find yourself loving more. More purely, more deeply, more in the now. I have heard from other women that holding your new born baby for the first time is one of those experiences as well... that this love just takes over you... and you don't know where it comes from, but that it just has arrived. Well, in any case, I love being married. It was meant to be. =)

So a little weekend recap. Come Sunday I was feeling much better and we decided to head out on a lunch date after church at one of our favorite places, the Northern Waters Smokehaus down in Canal Park. I've blogged about it before, but never really got a chance perse to tell you just why I love it so much. =) Well here goes!

Cute atmosphere in the Smokehaus Cafe...

They find the neatest chips to go along with lunch... Gourmet and organic. Hubby and I both picked something we never had before. He liked the Parmesan and Garlic and I went with the sweet Maui Onion. AWESOME! 

Our drive down to Park Point. Rather dark and windy but mysterious too in a way.

THIS is the sandwhich... half of it too by the way. The Cajun Finn. Nothing like it in the whole world. A crunchy/chewy Ciabatta bun with cream cheese on one side and dilled cream cheese on the other. Then romaine lettuce, pickled banana peppers, oven roasted red bell peppers in olive oil, the smoked salmon and again that lovely dilled cream cheese... nothing like it. And very filling. Mmmmm! WOW!!

Seagulls swaying back in forth above the car from the strong breeze off the bay. Honey and I laughed over the antics of the goofy birds. It was hysterical!

Our pop tops from the cream soda and rootbeer. Hubby's favorite is cream soda. Love it!

A close up. ;-)

And that was our lunch date! LOVE it. Thanks honey!


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