Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{date night: coldstone ice cream}

I love ice cream. In fact, if I had a choice between ever eating anything ever again, last meal sort of thing... it would probably be ice cream. And yes, I did refer to it as a meal. By golly... I am most honestly one of those people that DOES eat dessert before the actual meal and I like it that way. Mmmm... so good. But anyways, back to how much I LOVE ice cream and thankfully hubby agrees, wholeheartedly. :-) Thank goodness! Whew. (wipes sweat from concerned brow).

Coldstone is our very favorite and may I add... our first date spot too. Over three years ago now. :-) What a precious memory. :-)

This makes me more excited then seeing colorful candies lined up in jars!

His? Chocolate lovers with brownie. LOVE it.
Hers? Sweet cream with graham cracker and Heath candy bar. Mmm. LIKE it. ;-)

Oh yeah... look at that big honking brownie sticking out of his. Sheesh!

Must love a guy that likes ice cream and even more so a guy that will trail behind you carrying a basket as I parade through Michaels (before said ice cream drop off) picking out little trinkets for making a wreath for a silent auction at work. But look at all my cool supplies! And all for under $30 too! I have a bunch of unused burlap from the wedding, glue and neat crafty paper too. Honey says that at the rate I'm going I'll need to get myself a craft box. LOL! Ooo.. don't tempt me. I just might take that on. I have a few ideas to start my own online shop... off the blog through Etsy. I would really like your ideas and advice if you have ever done it.


Oh and before you grow too concerned that my husband only has sweets for dinner, you can be rest assured that we had a pretty super tasting soup right before we headed out. Mmmm... something to warm the soul and the heart before the trek out in the chilly air.

Oh my goodness right?

And, AND, just take a look at this framed picture! We came home to a large box on the front step... well two actually (my dress came back from being cleaned and packaged) and another. I opened it up and couldn't believe me eyes! Inside was a watercolor from my hubby's aunt detailing the barn where we got married! Here he had talked to her before the wedding, hoping to have her do a picture of the barn for me for his bride. Wow. I cried. Yep I did. The sobbing kind... with BIG tears. My heart just melted. What a sweet, kind man. Gosh. I treasure him. :-)

So that night... under the blankies in my new bed close to my love I  GAVE THANKS. With all my heart!


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