Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{a few ideas}

Okay, so I was spending some time last week looking through some design archives and came across a few pictures that I thought were pretty awesome, color and style wise. I thought I'd share them here and get you all in the mood for those summer colors!

I love the white walls and accents in this room. Adding colored accesories really brighten it up without having to get too expensive trying to design a room. White is an excellent palette to work with!

A breakfast cornor nook like this not only saves space but also brings a bit of soft warmth to an area too!

I love the dove grey alongside the robin egg blue. This would be a beautiful color for a kitchen!

The something neat here is that you can decorate with clear containers filled with pasta, cookies or other essential at-your-fingertip baking or cooking things. You save valuable cupboard space for those more unsightly items and let the others become more usable and at the same time add dynamic.


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