Friday, May 6, 2011

{happy friday!}

It's another Friday which means another weekend is coming up and I'm super excited. Excited for sleep and potato soup, and slow walks outside in the sunny cool air. I'm trying my best to recuperate slowly without totally killing myself from this nasty cold. My friend Kelly who works in the ICU told me that the place is jam packed with people who didn't take care and it went into bronchitis and pnuemonia. Yuck. So I AM taking care not to end up like those poor people. So off I go to eat oreos, sip on hot tea and drink up warm sun as I lounge on the chair and let it fall on to me. That would feel so nice. Kinda like a cat I guess. =)

Oh and pictures of Easter flowers from yesterday that are still vibrant and lively.

Enjoy your weekend!


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