Monday, May 9, 2011

{mother's day recap}

Hello everyone and happy belated Mother's Day to all of you mothers or to-be mums!

Us girlies took mum to the Lighthouse on Homestead. It was a really fabulous, family friendly restaurant. Here are some pictures I took of the inside. So sweet! I had one of the best hamburgers ever too. It was called the Clover Valley. It was a cream cheese and green olive spread on top of a lean 1/3 pounder beef patty. And each plate had a lovely orchid on it. A very nice presentation.

The entrance. Just a bit cloudy here but the light was so dim.

Mum. Hiding... of course. =)

Kids from Northshore Community school drew pictures for the walls. So pretty and vibrant!

I'm a root beer gal and this stuff was the best I've ever had!

Ashley made mom a pretty pink angel food cake belated from her birthday that she had back in March when she was in Scotland. Look it all the fun sprinkles. Ash is so creative!


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