Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{just a glimpse}

Do you ever have daydreams of yourself in the future? Pictures of a life five to ten years down the road? I do, and they are more frequent lately. I think they are signs from God to keep me encouraged and excited about staying on track with His will for my life. I see a little girl with blonde curls, a house with rooms that contain stories of fun trips and adventures. A LARGE dining room table where family meals can be shared and a garden for my favorite flowers to sprawl. Sometimes, I get so excited about the dreams I know that can be mine that I get frustrated about waiting any longer. Then I have to remind myself that time is a great gift. There are so many things I am supposed to do and be before that happens and who would want to waste those moments being tied up in daydreams of the future? I sure wouldn't. BUT I am excited!

So before I get TOO wild, I thought I'd share some things that make me super excited right now about my life. An apartment of my own, my love, my future engagement to the man that God picks for me, a marriage and a family and the ministry God has called me to do. To minister to broken hearts, much like my very own that the Lord has been so loving to heal. Makes me super excited to get going!!!

I love my closet. Gosh, who wouldn't. With all those spring dresses and outfits to wear. They look good enough to eat!

My perfume tray where I keep neat little trinkets, my favorite every day jewelry and perhaps a nice, creamy potted candle.

Ralph is like the COOLEST dude ever. Seriously. He came up with some of the neatest phrases. I have this one tacked to the mirror behind my door. Inspiring? You bet your bottom dollar it is!

The REALLY long blonde hair days. From the Emme archives. My hair isn't close to being that long anymore but it is long. I've tried short. Doesn't work. =) However, per my incessant request, my sister Laura is going to take a picture of me that I can acually post. It might take a 101 tries but I'm determined. A blogger shall not be a true blogger without her picture. That's MY opinion anyway. And I shall succeed. =) Yes sir!!! ;-) Or ma'am... for that matter.

Happy Wednesday!


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