Thursday, April 21, 2011

{ick days}

Ever have those days (I'm sure you do and I'm not alone) when you just feel icky? Like you are coming down with something, like a cold or a flu but it doesn't actually come, it just kinda hangs back in your subconscious like a guilt? LOL! Well, that is exactly how I feel. Kinda just icky lately. I wondering if it has something to do with spring. My mom usually at this time of years complains of a "spring tummy" just that "off" feeling. Well, if that is what it is then I have it. Yuck.

But in other interesting facts Easter is upon us and so the Little Women are busy decorating our yearly 15 or so dozen sugar cookies. All those little lambs and flowers and finished carrots, and chicks and butterflies. Kinda fun. And who doesn't like working with a rainbow of sprinkles? Almost makes you forget that your tummy feels icky. =)

The snow once again has melted and all the little budding of nature is no longer halted but growing again. Gosh, it's funny to say but everything does really go by faster when you get older. The seasons change quicker and you can compare them to the really crazy seasons the year before when "this and that" happened. I remember last year in May for example when we had a major snow storm.... Let's hope THAT doesn't repeat itself!

Today I was recognized for being employed for five years at the place I work. How crazy is that. Five years. Gosh I've learned alot in those few short years... things about my strength AND my weakness. Behaviours that I am praising and continuing to work on. Nothing is more humbling then working in an environment where everything you do is scrutinized. You learn how to do your best in every circumstance and you learn that if you mess up you fess up and move on... quickly, otherwise you can get lost in the settling dust. One of the major challenges is allowing myself to still be myself and not lose my sense of self and or my sense of integrity, honestly and downright sense of positive outlook on the world. That can be hard sometimes, hard for anybody but I think I've got that part figured out. You just do with what you go to DO and at the end of the day, I'm happy I can look back knowing I didn't compromise even under extreme pressure. =)

All in all I'm looking around feeling like my real answer is that I just need a long vacation. How nice would that be? Two weeks in the sun? Mmmmm... I'm craving it. =)


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