Friday, April 22, 2011

{cookies, limes, and a really neat flower}

Happy Good Friday everyone!!!

Just some photos from the past week for all of you!

I made an awesome keylime pie and these are the little guys who got squeezed. And guess what? I found a cool trick. I cut each in half like you see and used a garlic press to get all the juice out. And because they are so little each half fit perfectly into the hole of the press and off I went. Plopping, squeezing, picking out and then doing it all over again. Just for a 1/3 cup of juice! LOL!

Here are all the happy little Easter cookies that us girls decorated last night. The process like I mentioned the other day is pretty busy and exciting with different colors and sprinkles and fun cookie shapes to work with. YAY!

And today, in our atrium at work is a beautiful Peace Lilly just gorgeous and HUGE! My are they big. =) At least a dinner plate across in length. So lovely!

Have a happy weekend and a wonderful time with your family!


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