Monday, January 24, 2011

{wouldn't it be fun?}


A warm and cozy nutshell of a place, full of sunshine and a pupper to keep you cozy.

The spread:

Homemade blueberry pancakes, with crunchy bacon and really cool juice. Blueberries that your family picked themselves, exchanging stories, pouring on ALOT of syrup and watching that butter melt and, if you're lucky you might have Mickey Mouse ears on them.

To do:

Watch a couple of cheesy '80's films under a warm blankie and giggle in the sunlight.

Wrap it up:

Then head out for the best pizza in the world. Italian sausage, oozing cheese, the best in the world. Then, fall a sleep under shooting stars while you make trips to the moon and back...

Hmmm... a dream come true. =)


Jack said...

Sounds absolutely divine to me!

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