Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{SCORE! University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Hockey! }

(these two images borrowed from a good freind)

It's Monday and I am so happy NOT to be at work today. Instead, I get to sit home and do laundry, dishes and bills, oh and shoveling too. (boo) But I thought I'd post some pictures from the other nights hockey game. I really, REALLY like hockey. More then I thought I would, I guess. We had the best seats in the house ( I think) and enjoyed pizza and soda and a couple hand fuls of Milk Duds while we sat high aloft and cheered for my alma mater (one of three university's I've graduated from, lol). YAY! The new Amsoil Arena is just gorgeous! I took this picture off their site...

See all the maroon and gold? That my school's colors. But look at this. Great uh? So UMD was playing against the Wisconsin Badgers and boy was that a rucous team. Laura and I (we were celebrating her 24th birthday) got really into it. All said and done, UMD won 2 to nothing! Awesome game!!

I'm so looking forward to the next game. =) What sort of sports or college teams are popular in your area?


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