Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{under the covers}

A cozy day under the covers would feel SO nice. It was so dark and cold this morning while I was getting ready for work that I literally fought the temptation to just crawl back in under my covers and turn off my alarm completely. Mmmm... =)

That brings me to an all important question... for myself. I've been reading all these awesome new years' resolutions. A problem I've had in the past is making a list that I never complete because I make it too hard for myself. So, I guess, what I'm saying, is that I am rather gunshy about even making one for this year. But, then I thought how truly goofy that is so in order to get some ideas off my noggin last night I sat down and wrote just THREE out. That will be ENOUGH I thought, and then I got carried away and made it this big deal all over again. So, here is my very HUGE attempt to make this whole resolution thing a much more carefree aspect of my life... oh and I've decided, that when I am satisfied I could even add one at a time to the list after I have finished one, IF I want too. =) So here goes....=)

1. drink more water (great habit to get into)
2. journal EVERY day, not just whenever.
3. paint my fingernails more often, it's really fun!

There! Oh and my word for the year? This is actually a new concept to me but one I am really liking... I thought and thought about it. What do I want it to be, what can I build on, what will remind me every day to take it to heart. And then it struck me. LOVE. Plain and simple. Loving people, loving myself, loving those dear to my heart, and loving some people back to life through simple things. I'm excited. What's your word for the new year? How are YOU going to make it a tangible reality in your every day life? I'd love to hear your ideas!


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