Friday, January 14, 2011

{itching for spring}

I LOVE winter. Ask anyone who knows me. But this year it's been a little different. I've looked forward to spring earlier and earlier and being that spring usually doesn't arrive around here until MAY, I'm feeling a little homesick for it. So last night in my attempts to not get too down about it, I thought of all the ways I could be creative in bringing springy flavors into my surroundings. Ideas here I come!

First, I had to get rid of my huge stack of Christmas cards, both at home and at work. They are SO pretty, but they had to go.

Secondly, it was time to take the little tree with all of its glistening little glass ornaments down. That was kind of sad.

Thirdly, my room has a rather quaint and warm Italian Villa feel to it. It's cozy and grown up but it isn't always very springy feeling. Do you have any ideas in how I can green it up? (picture above of my bedroom)

And lastly, meals. I have been craving fresh salads lately. To add that spring flavor I have been making a few lovely raspberry viniagrettes and pairing them with slices of fresh peeled oranges. The tangy citrusy flavor has really spiked my senses and I love being able to get as much vitamin C as I can.

Fresh plants.... I am on the lookout for some fresh paper whites or daffodils bulbs that I can push. That and because my room only gets the first direct hours of morning sunlight (eastern exposure) it isn't really friendly to plant growing. Do you have any suggestions for indoor plants that can survive on less direct sunlight during the day?

Well, as I come up with other ideas I'll let you know. Happy Friday to you all with some great news coming to you on Monday!


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