Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{starting out the new year fresh}

There are some things in this world just too good to be true and one of them is having a new lease on life. A fresh beginning, a new outlook and a joy for all that lies ahead because it's yours to create. Well, as I promised I want produce the goods and get STARTED! So here we go... Let's start out with some of my favorite things... =)

Perfumes are so much fun. They are mood boosters, can transport you by memory just by their smell, and heck, they make you feel just so beautiful!

Listed here are:

1. Candies
2. Rockin' Rio
3. Dream Angels Heavenly by Victoria Secret
4. Hugo Boss
5. Stella in Two Peony
6. Refuge by Charlotte Russe
7. Bright Chystal by Versace
8. Fantasy by Britney Spears
9. Falling in Love by Philosophy
10. Versus by Versace (my Christmas gift from Papa Stephen)

My sister Laura is obsessed with the Traveler magazine. She has nearly each page dogeared for ideas. I'm starting to look through them too now. Great ideas and so much fun!

Duluth's Marinar Mall just opened an ULTA. Gosh, I had no idea that I was missing out on so much before this store made a presence. This is my new favorite color. Orange Parfait. Love it.

Okay, whoever thought up this awesome sign is the bomb! I love it. Oh will you?! Pretty, pretty please?


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