Thursday, January 6, 2011

{enjoying good design}

I get really excited about finding new things especially those things that I have had my eye on or even better came at a great price. Being a struggling out of the hole brand new graduate, the student loans can really set you back when it comes to fashion. Thankfully, I had a mother and grandmother who taught me how to decorate, eat and live fashionably on a frugal budget. So I can't wait to share with you my new finds!

Did you know that Michael's carries iPhone cases? Yeah, I didn't. But I have been searching for a neat one for a long time. My sister Ashley found this glittery pink one for more then half the price off of a regular priced one and in my opinion looks better!

Also, Franklin Covey planners. Have you ever been absolutely shocked at the price of just PAPER? Seriously, that is what it is, paper. At Target last night I found this one in the office section and it was again, half off. It is smaller then the large ones of course, but it fits in my purse and won't break my back, which is really nice if you ask me. =)

Lately, I am really crazed about sites like the blog Eat, Drink, Pretty that offer shortcuts or cool stylistic changes to food to make them look more appealing. Who doesn't like a cupcake? Well now you can turn that savory cheddar biscuit into a note worthy bite by spooning the dough into a cupcake liner instead. Sure adds appeal and who doesn't like avoiding the crispy burnt edges on those biscuits that, frankly, if you get a bad one can really turn you off and ruin your palette for the rest of your meal. Ewww!

And... if you really want something to smile about, take a look at this adorable video on Bing. My mom sent it over and honestly, I can't think of anything sweeter. SO if you are like me, someone who occasionally gets sucked up in the drone of everyday's happenings, switch this on. It will pick you up out of a bad mood in no time. Believe me.... =)

And to finish your day off... don't take my advice (bad eating habits today) but this Izze (grapefruits my favorite) and caramel popcorn (college bookstore) hit the spot like I can't even tell you. Hee hee (shhhhh).


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