Thursday, December 30, 2010

{2010 closeout}

A blossoming peony from Laura's Photography

Gosh, what a year. As I was climbing into bed last night my mind became overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised over all the neat experiences and personal growth I have made over the past year. The challenges I have faced, the excitment of pressing on and the hope of a new future! The greatest personal gift I have seen come out of all of this is my quest to become all I can personally be to myself and those I love. That, has happened. And for that, I would say 2010 was a year of great accomplishment in that area for me. I am looking forward to 2011 with all the gusto I can muster. Going ahead with chains loosed, dreams high and a good pair of hiking boots to blaze the trails ahead. Hope you plan on sticking with me!

So these are some of the things I am looking forward to in the new year:

1. A place of my own... I have been searching relentlessly and I know you are out there, somewhere!
2. Decorating my own apartment! You should see all the clippings out I have from every major magazine or online blog source imaginable. It's a shame.... really.... lol!
3. Becoming a absolute rosette cookie maker queen! I bought a set of vintage irons over Ebay and I can't wait to get started!
4. Traveling and doing some sightseeing. I haven't done much of any of that in my 26 years and I am chompin at the bit to get started!
5. Do more cooking and baking and have fun in the kitchen making messes
6. Find my own personal style when it comes to fashion... I'm still struggling with that. I get it RIGHT on and then it fizzles out and I get stuck in the main stream again. NOT particularly fun for me and I'm frustrated but I will find it. I will. Hear me ROAR! lol... oh boy... lol.
7. Every new year I like to change up my blog and do something different. A new theme, style, focus. So get excited about the changes coming up there too!
8. I also look forward to sharing more of my life with you. The every day and not just the every so often big event. I have always had some great ideas for decorating and entertaining that I think would be nice to share and hopefully inspire you for the special occasions in YOUR life.
9. Excitedly waiting the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming in May... I just love Johnny Depp in these movies. Who wouldn't like a crazy pirate to hang out with? Come on, you know you would!
10. Plan and organize more Sunday brunches, teas, lunches and dinners... I think there is a way to still have fun and NOT break the bank. I plan on showing you the step-by-step process of stylish and tasty frugal entertainment. It can be done and it get's me excited to share this with you!

But, I have been so inspired by these great ladies and a gentalman of the blog world. I wait excitedly every day to take a peak at what people around the world are coming up with and how I can implement it in my own life. Here's by no means a complete list but just those that I daily look to for inspiration:

Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere... that girl has style, whit, and some great sense of self. I love it!

Lisa over at Lisa Leonard Designs... great eye for detail and the best before and after showcases that steal my heart, a wonderful mother and the coolest jewelry around!

Uncle Beefy over at Bedlam of Beefy... has some great entertaining ideas of anyone around!

Heather over at Heather Bullard Designs... really inspires me to look within for my own taste and style and her talents in photography and design are breathtaking!

Naomi at Rockstar Diaries continues to be a daily source of "ooo's" and "awwwwwe's". She has rocked the red lip and I am so excited for their upcoming special bundle of joy!

Jack over at Slightly Off-Center has such great wisdom and timely quotes! I love her polariod pics and her love for her native Nova Scotia!

Jennifer over at Nectar and Light really shakes things up in the photography world. And it's true. Every carefully placed picture and dream is showcased in a light of sweet nectar. Just love her.

Okie dokie folks! That rounds up the most inspirational in my book! See you back next year! Sniff, sniff, if this cold doesn't kill me. =)

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year! Got plans? I wanna hear about 'em! Looking forward to rocking in the new year!




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