Thursday, January 6, 2011

{brilliance defined}

I'm struck some times by simple things. Either the simplicity of their design or the matter in which they were created... simply, but yet with such powerful in their purpose. Take for example the lens and developing powers of a camera, a polariod, foggy at first and transforming beauty and a unique story right before your eyes. Or raindrops, so simple. Clear, cool, soothing... yet powerful in its wake. Tidal waves, floods, life, death.

Sometimes these small things for me strike me as great brilliance. A defined set of boundaries. As this is what it is and always will be. Something eternal, always returning to its first birth. Amazing.

Today, that vision really took me by storm... if you haven't heard of the The Satorialist, become aquainted. It will rock your world. Really. And this video? Brilliance.


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