Monday, December 13, 2010

{mmmm... coney dogs!}

Saturday was a busy day!

The Union Gospel Mission was having their annual children's Christmas party and so mom and us girls made cookies for them. Forty plus little gingerbread men, all cheery in their little celophane bags. =) All the little kids were so precious. It just makes me smile knowing that everyone of them had a little cookie and hopefully made their Christmas a little brighter. =)

Then off we went to Coney Island Deluxe on 112 West 1st Street for some to die for coney dogs. Gosh... those things are just way too good to be true. =) Mark, who took our orders allowed me to take some pictures so I could post them for all of you. MMMM! Thank you Mark! =)

Love the old fashioned "70's decor. Even better? They served your coke in an old fashioned tumbler!

The walls have pictures of all the old ore ships that are well known in the Duluth Sea Port. The one above our table was of the infamous Edmund Fitzgerald that sank in November of 1975, taking all 29 men on board.  

The coneys were SO good. The fries were absolutely wonderful! A must go to restuarant for sure. I am looking forward to having a malt next time I go. =)

Salad bar anyone?

Ooooo! The nummy toppings for those coneys!

There's the doggies!

Don't you just love the green?

I think this was a find! In between the flowering cactus in the windowsill and a view outside was this lovely mural in a parking lot just right across the way. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of it. SO lovely and the colors were SO vibrant!

What a great time and thanks to Mark and his team, mom and Ashley and I had a great lunch. Thank you!


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