Monday, December 13, 2010

{bentleyville popcorn hut}

Have you ever in your life overdone something then decided that you could NEVER, possibly EVER eat something again? Well, that is what happened to me on Friday night at the Bentleyville popcorn hut where I volunteered for six hours popping and bagging popcorn for the Bentleyville attraction. If you ever get a chance to visit Duluth during the holiday season and check out the lights you will NOT be disappointed. It's breathtaking actually. =) Okay, so when I got home, everything on me smelled like popcorn, even my socks inside my boots!!! My poor jacket which I'll probably have to get dry cleaned smells like popcorn and no manner of airing out will actually take the smell out. ICK! Has anyone had any luck with those dryer sheets that are supposed to act like a special cleaner? Hm. Anyway... above is the pile of popcorn that I was working on. Imagine serving 15,000 people popcorn in six hours? I DID! LOL! (Oh and to get a good idea on size, this is a four foot pile of popcorn bags. FOUR FEET people. ROFL!)


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