Monday, December 27, 2010

{a merry christmas breakfast}

I hope you all had a wonderful and Merry Christmas with your families. It was a bright and sunny morning here in Duluth and here is a recap of our breakfast... so nummy!

Here is a our Christmas breakfast table all decked out for the occasion.

I just love these gold filigree coffee mugs. So lovely!

Here's the aireal view... lol... the floating candles were a nice touch.

Papa Stephen had this Christmas arrangement sent before his arrival for our buffet.

Some tasty shortbread spritz! Just a little something for enjoying with our morning coffee.

Mom found a really nice pink champagne for us girls. It's Stephen's favorite. Although I think it really could have been a bit sweeter. A little too bitter for me.

And last but not least the famous blueberry stuffed french bread breakfast. This stuff is really rich. There are ten pieces of french bread slices on the bottom that are spread thickly with cream cheese. Then a lovely egg mixture with the whole blueberries and french bread squares are thrown on top. You serve this with a lovely blueberry "gravy" and the whole thing is just awesome. Secret family recipe though.... sorry folks. =) Great with homemade sausage which is what we did. The salty Italian sausage counteracts the sweet nicely. =)

So that was my Christmas! Looking forward even more for next years! =)


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