Monday, October 18, 2010

{in the light of the silvery moon}

The evenings have been so beautiful here. Clear and lovely with all the stars in the sky just looking down and twinkling. =) We generally don't get many clear nights except for in the winter when it is so gosh darn cold that you can't even bare to stand out for two seconds without your nose falling off. So I have been enjoying it to say the least. Tomorrow's rumor is that snow is on its way. I'm not surprised. The morning temps have been so frigid that if we DO happen to have showers it probably WILL snow. Yay. I can't wait. I have been rather anxiously waiting for it. So happy to have snow finally here. Snow angels... mmmm =)

Us girls raked this past weekend and boy did we ever get the piles. I will have to post some of those pictures tonight when I get a chance because you will never BELIEVE them. 57 or so were raked up, piled onto the large tarp and then dumped into an enormous pile. SO big, that you can actually see it from the road. It has to be at least fifteen feet high if not more. =) Goofy girls. =) And everytime that you brought down another load you just had to run faster and jump higher so that you could make it further back so there wasn't any spillage into the rest of the yard. That was almost impossible to keep from happening. =) Oh and how long... almost six hours. Yep. Let's just say that I feel like my ribs have been split in two. Pretty bruised up. Poor things. But, on the happier note, based on my height and weight I burned over a thousand calories. So THERE! =) Beat that! =)

I'll be writing soon!


Jack said...

That sounds like the best fun! I love raking leaves into piles and letting my (adult) kids all have fun jumping in them- Your never too old for a little silliness, I say.

I'm suspect the snow won't be too far behind for us here in NS either.

Hope your week is going well!


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