Friday, October 15, 2010

{happy ice cream}

Today I am in the mood for ice cream. Big time. I wonder what it is that I could do to help myself hmmmm. Make this!!! Ice Cream by Coco Cake. Num.. sugar coma. And aren't I proud of myself? Sure I am. =)

Oh and I bought this today. Isn't it beautiful? I am SO happy. I a little poorer but I did need something for my new place and look... I didn't do that bad either =) It is a desk from the restored Carnegie Library out West where my former boss used to live. What a find. Just look at that honey wood gleam! =)

So happy weekend everyone! I hope to get around to posting more pictures and updating you all on the new adventures. Can't wait. =) Leaving you with some golden light! =)


Jack said...

Love the desk! And that tree...

Have a great weekend :)

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