Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It's Wednesday today (okay that's obvious) but to be completely honest it feels like a million days have gone by since my last post on just Monday. Things have been busy, stressful, happy, unhappy and horrendously confusing. SO much so that today would have been a great day to just hang out in bed and lock myself in it. But then... when I looked out my bedroom window this morning and saw the beautiful sky, it would have been a shame to remain locked up all too cozy just by myself.

So today I am looking for lovely inspiration for delightful smiley worthy ideas. Something that can lift me up out of my funky fall duldrums. I wonder what it is I need, or don't need. Or just need to be? Hm. See I'm confused, because I'm learning for the first time that I have needs and need needs met. It can be really overwhelming... and so I'm struggling I guess. Just a little. But I'll get there. I hope. Soon.


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