Tuesday, September 28, 2010

{monday! monday!}

I'm still getting over it... which is why this is a WHOLE day late. =)

It's here again and oh MY did it ever let me know. I'm not usually one of those people to get a case of the Mondays. I watch in rather drastic amusement as co-workes complain, mumble, rant and shake their heads about the goofy day. My method around the madness? Happened years ago actually. I decided that I would NOT be one of those Monday people so instead I decided most adamantly that Sunday was the beginning of MY week. And I ALWAYS have good Sundays. Always. See? =)

My hair... French Twist updo. =)

This is a neat one...

What the heck is this kind of schroom? =)

 Golden light!

So what made my Monday less then stellar? Well, all the administrators were out at a big meeting down to the south of us, one of our administrative assistants was out sick so I had to go rummaging through her office to find paper work that "mysteriously disappeared". Don't you just LOVE those stories? Yeah.... someone, just please fess up. Really. Then, someone blew up on another person right in front of my desk, the sunny weather dampened to a real nasty rain storm with thunder AND lightening and the administrators came back from their meeting more crabby then when they left. I experienced visions of bowls of chocolates and white peace flags flashing before my eyes. Mmmmm chocolate. And maybe, just MAYBE they would get a good fortune inside, you know, those individually wrapped Dove chocolate pieces? Nope, didn't happen. And WHY oh why, does your boss always wait last minute to tell you to do something, especially when he's known for a whole week? Oh and I am planning a surprise birthday party for my new coworker who turns the big 3-0 this Friday. Hm. Does anyone have any good ideas on putting on office parties? I am looking for quaint and bright and something for someone on a frugal budget (hmmm.. that's me ;-) ).

So, I guess it looks like I experienced a Monday... Oh but I haven't even told you the half of it. If I did, you'd probably suggest I quit. LOL!


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