Sunday, September 26, 2010

{a deep breath and sigh...}

This week didn't end out so well. Icky cold. The type that takes your breath away. Fever, chills, aches... kind of all that stuff. As strongly as it came on, it left... with a sigh. I really don't enjoy being sick any more than anyone else does. But I think I just hate how vulnerable it makes me and how alone I am. Who wants to spend time next to a sick person right? So I wrap myself up in my blankets really hard and close my eyes and just sleep. Really, really hard sleep. The kind of sleep that takes you out for five hours during the middle of the day for a nap. But no more grumblings. I feel so much better. Mmmhhmmm =)

So this weekend... I managed to pick up all the nasty mounds and mounds of sticks that ended up making their way into our yard. We had this wind storm that shook the trees all around us. So Adventures of Emme say that we had to have some fun right? Of course right. The adventure? A nasty big icky Garter Snake comes slithering out of the wood pile that I am arranging and over my foot and kind of taking a peak up the leg of my jeans. Oooo... I screamed yes. Just a little. Okay, kind of a very LOUD muffled scream. And I started stomping my feet and running. Really quick in silly disjointed motions like a soldier and up the hill and on to the patio. I just have to remember that snakes don't run. I don't know why I think they can. But they do in my mind. They run VERY fast. Ewwwwww. So that was my adventure this weekend. Near snake attack... in my mind.

But what neat and cool things are you all up too? Oh and I have to say, I am SOOO excited that Jack is back from her blogging sabbatical. I missed her so!


wilybrunette said...

so glad you're feeling better. being sick is the worst.

and snakes! oh snakes are my achilles heal--i fear them SO MUCH!

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