Sunday, October 3, 2010

{apline coaster adventures!}

This weekend I had more fun then I have in a LONG time. Do you remember how fun it was as a little kid going down the slide,  you know, the really big ones and your dad or some other adult would catch you as you flew off the end? Well, I had just such an adventure expect it was way WAY better. And no adult supervision so it made it even more fun... meh eh. =) So look at what I did... hopefully the video will load okay for you... click here to see more of the Alpine Timber Twister at Spirit Mountain in Duluth. 

Papa Stephen is up from Scotland (he snuck in his camera to take the video above) and thankfully the weather has been sunny and warm. The colors on the trees are changing dramatically right now and the nights are getting cooler and cooler. Last night for example the low was 23 degrees. Let's just say that it's a little chilly up here in Duluth right now. =) These pics are from the back driveway. Look at those glowing colors!

Did some fun shopping at Catherine Imports today. Wow does that lady have a mind for design. I scored some great deals too. A really nice painted linen tablecloth that was originally marked for $40 was now on sale for $15 instead. I'm so looking forward to making my new home and now on top of all the other stuff I have been collecting, tea cups, candles, towels, and sheets everything will be new and fun. =)

Then I had to do a little of this... Mmmm... Campire Mocha. Num!

Look at all those little chocolate kisses... =) 

Remember those surfers on the lake I told you about last week? See all the little black dots? Oh yeah.. die hards... ROFL!

Some more lovely pictures from my upstairs bedroom window.

Remember the snake pit? Oh yeah, well here it is. I still want to get goosey about it. YUCK!

All these goofy stick piles from the wind storm. That big log was six feet long and weighed at least thirty pounds. It was completely water logged.

Mmmm... look at all these lovely Scottish confections! Stephen filled one whole suitcase with candy for us girls. The upper left hand corner? Cadburry chocolate bars. They are HUGE!

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your weekend! I know mine will be spent trying to make sure I don't become a diabetic. ROFL! =)


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