Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{the first day of the best day}

Today is the first day of Autumn. Let me just count the many reasons why I love it. Okay... I suppose that if I were to actually do that, I would ramble on forever and never give you a moments peace. But I will tell you of just a few... first....

1. I love that smoky smell in the air from glowing hot chimneys
2. Rustling around in the leaves hearing them crack and crisp under your weight
3. The colbalt blue sky framed by the fiery colors or maples and birches
4. Finally being able to have an excuse to wear wool and cable knit sweaters, boots, toasty gloves, and warm knee high socks.
5. Do I have to mention s'mores? Oh YES! And bonfires and trips up the North Shore with the ones you love
6. Hot Apple Cider. Mmmm... and hot CHOCOLATE! MMMMmmmm!
7. Rustic apple and spice cakes... squash rounds straight out of the oven with butter and brown sugar (thanks Hilary!)
8. Little Nuthatches smiling and beeping at you as you come around the corner while they scavange for little seeds under the patio stairs.
9. Ginger cookies! Mom made some last night and gosh... it's been too long before the last one I had. Lovely!
10. Homemade bread. For some reason, to me seeing a bowl of yeasty dough rising under the glow of an autumn window is one of the most fulfilling peaces in my life. Just something about it. =)
11. Cuddling up under the covers and pulling them close, just enough for your nosey to stick out. All those heavy wonderful blankets cacooning you into peaceful sleep.
12. Dipping back in to some of my favorite Dickins characters as I curl myself up with a cozy blanket and sit by a crackling fire.
13. Preparing for the wonderful holidays ahead. Thanksgiving for one. Gosh it's my favorite. SO much to be thankful for this year.
14. Soaking it all in. Deeply. Breathing it. Feeling it. Living it to it's fullest. Mmmm...

So there, I told you didn't I? I would go on and on and on if you let me. Lovely fall! =)

Happy day to you all!


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