Sunday, August 22, 2010

{weekend round-up}

Tidbits and updates are seriously in order....

First, summer feels to be at a close. I know, don't say it right? Well, I suppose that I am popping a bunch of sunny bubbles right now. Well, up in Duluth where the weather is rather unpredictable, you can smell fall in the air. It has this smoky tinge of musty willow, dewy grass, and burning fires... swirly stacks coming up out of brick chimneys and those of families enjoying s'mores around a bon fire. I'm embracing this new season completely. Can't wait to see what the fall colors are like this year. A little weary though. I heard that the winter is supposed to be a really hard one. I don't disagree in the least. The berry trees are chock full! Heavy and hanging from their over abundance. We are going through seed like crazy too. The little birds are going nuts with storing on chubby fat and the little squirrels are too. We've even had two instances of bears coming right up to the patio and taking off with the bird feeder again. Hm. Makes me want to hybernate too. Really! It's these days that make me want to take out my flannel and curl up in front of the fire and just sleep. Mmmmm. =)

So weekend round-up. Well Saturday was one of those, I-just-can't-manage-to-get-out-of-bed-days." But I somehow managed to pull myself together and just do some cleaning up, while I stayed in my jammies. Nothing quite like it. Today though I did drag myself up out of bed and headed it to Art in Me an event hosted by our church to help kids and their families grow by creating art projects together. I worked at the paper bead table... See picture below. Don't mind my outfit. I know... my sisters think I'm crazy. But if you can just imagine a sunny yellow sweater with a red cinch belt then you are getting the picture. It was pretty cute. =)

Personal update? This is the first fall that I have not been enrolled as a student in over eight years! Now that is an accomplishment. Now... still toying with the idea of going back to Grad school. Pros and cons people? Well, the obvious ones are those that you hear all the time. You can't get anywhere without having your masters (that's a lie) and the other? Well, who wants to spend that much more time and money on something that only creates more stress. Really. Have you ever thought of that? School, as much as I love learning has not been a stressless time for me. I have always worked usually full time while being a student, and on top of that had a bunch of other responsibilities. I have in other words always put myself in that special category of adult learners. You know, the really difficult ones. The ones that have crazy schedules, kids to work around (driving my sisters around) and forget about studying because that doesn't happen until about 10:30 in the morning. So why in lands sake would I pay to stress myself out? Exactly. I'm still thinking about it. Just placing it carefully on the back burner for now. =)

So I have a bone to pick. Oprah. I know... it's like saying something bad about Martha Stewart. Well, except that people get a kick out of it now because who doesn't like tripping up someone who isn't already an underdog. Anyway, my bone to pick? I picked up for the LAST time one of her magazines the other day to you know, read something intelligent and all I was struck by was the sheer madness and accumilation of ME, ME, ME articles. Articles written by women who of course are all very successful mavens in their fields. Doctors, scientists, philanthropists. And I don't have one thing wrong with that. What I do have an issue with is just how self-centered every article is. They all surround on how to pleasure yourself, your love life, your outlook, your body, your mind, your problems. Not on how to help others out with their problems, their worries, or their depression. That's why I stopped buying the fashion magazines. I will confess that there are still days that I go by a glossy cover and drool. So many neat pictures. But that is just what they are... alot of times pictures of fantasy that increase this ALL for ME attitude of of America's young people. I'm not against individualism but when did individualism trump common kindness and helping out your common man? I just think something has gone so wrong. It makes my heart ache. =(

Oh and for a happy thought... tried these on today. Aren't they something? Mmmm.... snake skin. Okay, it was fake but seriously who cares right? RIGHT! Maybe... just maybe someday I will have a pair of snake skin heels just because. And guess what, I will totally go grocery shopping in them. Yep. I will. =)

And, I think I've gotten a little out of control. See this binder? Yep, all full of magazine clippings from the last ten years. Just imagine one huge warehouse size inspiration board people. Yep, that's this thing. Full to the brim of ideas for outfits, kitchens, bedrooms, and gardens (oh and as you can see a butlers pantry just for cakes, pastries and pies to cool and dreams of a chicken coop like I used to have on the farm). Little things that I've stowed away over the years hoping to bring to a house some day. I'm in the market for a scanner and as soon as I get one I will be sharing with you some of my favorite clippings. =)

Have a great Sunday evening!


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