Monday, August 16, 2010

{not abducted by pirates}

Thanks for the funny emails guys. No I wasn't abducted by pirates although there was a pretty great Jack Sparrow impersonater and all I have to say is that I'm super lucky I wasn't my younger sister.... because if I had been, I'd be a goner. That girl loves pirates. Stinker. =P

But, like I promised here are some really great pictures of the ships themselves. As you can see, it is rather overcast, thanks Duluth. It drizzled most of the day which was actually a God send in the end of all things. That heat was a menace! So hot and for what? Sheesh. But tonight it is supposed to be 33 degrees for the low. Well here we go and here go the trees. They'll be turning in no time now. I love that. My fall is here... well, (((OUR))) fall that is. =)


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