Thursday, July 29, 2010

{arrrr! ahoy ye mateys!!! }

Don't get too nervous. Nope. The bug eating hasn't gone to my brain but what has is the great opportunity to see the Tall Ships enter the Duluth Harbor. SO excited. So I took the day off... tomorrow that is and I am so looking forward to seeing these things. Apparently, one of the ships was a prop for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Now isn't that cool? I think so. Well, and then there are rumors that Jonny Depp and Hallie Berry might be down there. Why the HECK they would come to Duluth, MN doesn't make any sense to me but you never know. Maybe they are more down to earth then I thought. =) Anywho, (You know I really don't even like it when people say that, anywho. Anywho WHAT?) AnyHOW, (there) I am going to be fighting with the crowds, 200,000 of them to see these babies so it better be worth it. If anything, I will have some fantastic pictures to post for you and THAT my dears is VERY worth it. =) Well, I'll make it worth it to you. =) (photo courtesy of Howie Hanson Blog)


Just discovered that I have lost a half a shoe size. How the HECK does THAT happen? Okay, I've been careful with what I've been eating. Cutting back on unecessaries in my diet and adding way more water. The effect? Smaller feet. So in the excitement of this I celebrated (hey every celebration offers a great opportunity for buying shoes) and I DID. Boy did I ever. See, I have this glamorous wedding to go to in October. My stuff just wouldn't do so I found a great fall pair of heels that are great party goers. Not that I am saying they will be particularly comfy after lets say, eight hours in them but shoes are not solely for comfort now are they? Nope, they are for beauty and beauty is what I found today ladies. Pure loveliness.... that is, in a pair of Nine West, rhinestone embellished, black satin peep toe pumps... mmmm. (see picture above).

Other updates:

I have to post pictures of my new obsessive hobby. Punch needle. Now, if you haven't heard of it before don't worry too much because I hadn't either. But boy is it fun. I finished one already and am starting the other as we speak. Pretty fun stuff. If you can envision it is is like rug hooking, or at least that is what the result very similarly looks like. Wonderful therapy especially for someone that needs to do some punching. Forget punching your pillow or punching in a face, pick up your PUNCH NEEDLE! Yay! See, a little carried away. But it is like I said, addictive and who wouldn't be tempted to try a new craft that very specifically states in the right upper hand corner of its box that it will bring you an instant smile? I don't know about you but I wouldn't pass that up. So I'm easily sucked in. Did I tell you that me and my sister Ashley love watching infomercials? Yep... okay. Stop right? I'll stop.

Last and final update:

I found a round of duct tape in my purse today. How did it get there? Beats me. But I will be honest. I DID take the screw drivers out yesterday. Yes, I did. I'm trying to incorporate more girly stuff in there. It's not happening. SO disappointing. I know. (envision BIG lower lip, sad eyes, pleading eyes....) In any case, what I'm really wanting is a tool box. There!! On my Christmas wish list. YES! Check. =) I wonder if I'm turning into Paige from Extreme Makeover Home Edition... gloss, sledgehammer in one hand, blonde curls, mallet in the other, false lashes, steel toed boots. Hm. JUST maybe. =)


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