Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{just to be}

I love just being. You know... curly crazy hair unloose without worrying about styling it, freckles free and in the open to breathe without powder on top suffocating them, and limbs unmessed by all the glamour of high heels, hosiery and shapewear. Kind of makes you feel a little nuts. So today despite all these things that are trapping me in my body (I joke) I just want to be. Time to take a mental health day I think... =)

I was reading on Jenn's blog Nectar and Light today, while playing a little catch-up that she one day just decided to book a nine day trip to Rome with her best friend in the middle of an icky winter. I was thinking how neat that is. Just packing up, getting the tickets in order and heading off. For nine days. I'm still shocked over the whole "just leaving" thing. Who can just leave and go like that? I know I can't right now but I would love to plan something like that. Or maybe not plan and just scratch your head, close your eyes, open an atlas and scroll your finger around until you feel the impulse to stop and there... that is where you would go. I wonder if it would take you to Morocco or Egypt? Maybe Brooklyn, NY or Easter Island. I have my favorite places. Places where you can wake up in the morning and take a stroll around a lake or quaint town, sit in a coffee shop and hear a local artist play their guitar and then walk back to your little place and spend the rest of the day curled up in bed, watching the leaves circle to the ground in royal shades. Mmmm... I think that is me just getting all excited about autumn approaching. =)

But this Wednesday I have some baking plans... apple crisp. I really miss baking and cooking. With all of us girls in the house always doing something fun in the kitchen you almost have to beg for your own time slot! =) But tomorrow after work I am going to go out and buy some lovely green Granny Smith Apples, pick myself up some fresh cinnamon and go to town. My friend Kelly is having me over for dinner on Thursday night and because I love bringing a little something to share I told her I'd bring dessert. I think her husband Don will like it alot too! She is a full time nurse, faculty at the nearest the university and student finishing up her masters. Her husband works completely opposite hours for her as the managing engineer for some major road construction that is taking place over the past few months here in Duluth. So they are needing some extra special care. =) She is making to-die-for BLT's (really they are the best in the West) and some good for you laughter too. So I am excited =)

Pictures will definitely be in order from that little event. It will be just too much fun! =) Have a great Tuesday guys!


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