Thursday, August 26, 2010

{for a time, a little time, and just a while...}

Milky Way ramblings have kind of gone on the wayside I see. Not too many songs, or poems, or inspiring thoughtful thoughts. Some days it feels like my head is too much a jumble of unecessary junk, you know the kind. Wishy washy, fish lish. Or whatever... Anywho (yes, I can change my mind on occasion) I know I've said this before so please excuse my redudancy but I really need a change. I feel like I've stepped into the complacent role of just being instead of doing and acting and giving like I used to. Drives me nuts actually. And why can't I consider that the things I do at home, for my family, as one of those acts? Why do I have to be busy? Why can't I just experience rest and peace and joy without having to save a third world country or something? Introspection, prayer, and a recentering on what is important is key here. I've accomplished so much and yet I feel as though I've let myself down. I've straddled projects until I've gotten the last bit of anything I could out of them and I've worked blood, sweat and tears to ensure that my future can be better then the former. But why always the war? Why always the hardship? So, after much thought and deliberation I have decided that I will take some time out to see just what exactly it is that I need to do or put aside and not do and just settle it within myself that I am okay and that life, even with the ebs and flows is exactly normal. That maybe everything is just fine and I am the one with the squeaky wheel. So dear friends... until later then.... until a new perspective, a new outlook and until I find the oil can that will lube up my squeaky wheel.

See you soon! And during the mean time enjoy the break!

Leaving you with this fabulous quote from Albert Camus:

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.....  

And that is exactly where I'm at. Heading into my second spring with hopes, joys, and plans that are determined to succeed, transcend, and blow away my filmy cobwebs of my own disappointment. =) I'm excited!


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