Monday, July 5, 2010

{who knew...}

that an iPhone could change your life. Literally I mean. Here I go. I was not going to do it. I even saw them starring at me from the display cabinets and I swore them away. Nope. Not going to do it. Not going to become one of the many drones who get sucked up into being constantly connected, collected, and numbered as one of the rest. But there I go. Becoming sucked in just like everyone else. But I am obsessed I tell you. Obsessed. Who knew that something so small could make a girl smile so big. Yep, that's me. The world at my fingertips. Is'nt that what everyone wants, needs, and desires? Well, that wasn't always me and I don't think it still is really. What it has enabled me to do is stay more connected to the people and things that I love and that make my day easier. All of a sudden I am connected with work 24, seven. Not always a very good thing. All of a sudden I can text like a fiend! My favorite since that is one of the easiest, although most impersonal way of staying in touch with people. Thirdly, I love the fact that I can search the internet for a burning question or reply to someone from my personal email, or even better, stay connected to all of you with my Blog application. Love that.

But putting all that aside. How was everyone's 4th? Being that Stephen is up (...or across or down? Who knows really... I mean how do you describe where Scotland is in relation from Duluth, Minnesota. Okay, I suppose I can say it is ACROSS. There. That's more accurate.) So any way being that he is HERE, we spent the 4th walking and walking and walking and walking all over Canal Park yesterday. Eating our way through shops, nagging very sheepishly the store owners for before instock items, and musing with the fresh vibrant scented breezes that lifted the swells of every wave into our nostrils existance. It was lovely to say the least. A tour and video at the Nautical Museum, lunch at Lake Avenue Cafe where I had I would say, the best sandwhich in existence, and a lovely chocolate dipped cone at Dairy Queen. I mean who can do better? I ask you? ;-) Then more walking. Much more walking. I must tell you all again how much I abhore the heat. HATE heat. I am born and remain a Northen Midwest girl who enjoys the cool pleasures of the low 70's and high sixties. Anything hotter than that and I am a puddle of misery. I hate sweating, well except for during yoga, and I do NOT enjoy sauntering in the sun or soaking in an afternoon on the chase. Pew I tell you! Pew! Stick me in an igloo with plenty of furs to wrap up in and I will be as happy as a queen. Or better yet, let me stay beside my sparkling blue lake during the summer and I will stay perfectly cool and content!

So today, obviously, I am off of work. A day off of work. A day off I had no idea I had off until Friday afternoon. Now what a neat gift is that? Pretty neat I think. When you work for the place I work, any free day off is a gift. Mmmhm. ;-) And only the very few of you who work in such places will totally understand what I am saying, although, I really truly do enjoy my work. Just not always the environment in which that work is located.

So again further promises forgotten. I did promise pictures and I did promise them like last week. So I will make that my goal today. Look forward to it dear friends. They will be pretty neat. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily
Love the blog but tell me who was the fiend that you are going to text or does that mean friend mmm hope so have a greta day love ya all

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