Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{in the new light}

Wow! Have I been one busy little bee. Shooting off here and there to where I need to be while always looking back behind me, astonished by the great span of ground I've covered. It surely takes my breath away.  I have been shocked to discover a few very interesting things about myself. First that I didn't really give myself the credit to believe that what I have accomplished up to this point is anything fantastic. I'm running all over the place these days after my heart. Following more of the path that I believe my heart is leading me and I am LOVING it. All these wonderful things are finally starting to make sense. Why I did things a certain way when I was young and why I am grateful that I made the decisions I did now looking back. I feel like I have stepped into a new light. A new door and doors have opened to me. Windows have begun to spring open, and my energies spent so many years grinding and churning to make a difference for myself is finally starting to pay off. It's mind boggling and I seriously can't believe it is all. =)

So some of the new things?

A brand new car (Yep, I can't believe it)
Glasses (Only for night driving but they are almost too cute to just keep for the dark)
Grant Writing (I have always wanted to get involved in THAT!)
New job (I'm writing to you from my new office)
Stephen is coming from Scotland to stay with us for two weeks! (I know right?!)

And with all of this is far too many other things to even name. I just feel so blessed and excited all at the same time. So tomorrow? A new day, pictures of my new car and me and glasses and a new light to step into. I'm thrilled. Can you tell?


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