Thursday, July 22, 2010

{'re on candid camera}

Do you ever experience one of those days where you feel like everyone is looking at you, even the wood work? And sometimes, it seems that when you are walking by they are going to go "BOO! I see you!" Whoa. But maybe it's because my new "office" is a glorified fish tank surrounded by plexiglass windows and they can come at me from all different angles. Makes me nutty. Gives me a headache actually.

Current irritation:

I'm sure you're all excited to hear this. Alright so today I'm starving right? Right. So I thougth what I could really go for is one of Texas Roadhouses's loaded potatos. You know the kind. With all the butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon on top. Yep, definite heart attack waiting to happen. Only problem is the darn place doesn't open till FOUR! Four I tell you. Isn't that crazy? So NOT open for lunch not even a quick grab and go. That makes me crabby. Just for right now and for this very second. Because I could so totally go for a killer potato. Hmm... replacement meal? Wheat Thins. Any body sorry for me yet? =)

So, without further audieu let me introduce to you the most terrible night of movie watching in my entire life. First I was terrified by The Road. Don't even GET me started. Now this one. Horrible. I love spook movies people but these two will change your perception about things. Make you really start thinking whether or not that COULD actually happen. Ick. So if you are of the squeamish, no guts, no blood type of person I would not recommend either of them. On the other hand if you crave that type of intelligence, more power to you because those will basically be right up your alley. Makes me shudder. Nasty. Both Ashley and myself vowed to not watch movies like that any more. Even though we are terribly tempted to just keep watching because we want to see what happens at the end. Advice? Fast forward to the end. Yep. No harm in that and you could still have a conversation about it. Too bad they didn't have a Cliff Notes for movies. You know a little behind the scenes shot of what you will ACTUALLY be watching. Because I'm of the suddenly-my-feet-are-off-the-ground-SQUEALING type of person and my sister Laura who isn't, is looking at me like I'm a huge dork. Well, I am but that's another story for another day. =)

What does it mean when you realize that you have started to file geographically on your desk. A little pile here a little pile there. Horizontal, vertical. Sideways, backways. All kind of wacky ways. You know what the problem is? I was given more room. Mmmmhhmmm... goofy. So how the heck do I organize this seamingly endless amount of counterspace? I need help, that's all I know. Organizing help. Well, I'll let you go with that new idea burning a hole through your conscious and start getting busy myself. Organizing!


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