Friday, July 23, 2010

{happy friday and nummyness}

Mmmmhmmm... I know what you are thinking. What kind of strangeness is THIS all about. But truth be told the Little Women enjoy eating tender critters, otherwise known as... bugs. Now, don't get me wrong. We are not on some organic, green earth, vegan binge. Instead, being the adventurous, highflying, afficieandos of our kind we enjoy the delight of daring each other to otherwise unpleasanter fair and trying our hands and our palettes at different things. But I must remind you. This is perfectly harmless. Well, that is if you can just imagine trying to suck a hairy grasshopper with barb wire legs out of sucker. Not for the faint of heart people. However, these little morsels taste just like corn chips. You know the ones that come in the little bag. So nummily salted and crunchy? Yep, a dead ringer for them...=) So what makes it a happy Friday? Being handed one of these by your sister and torchuring her with the idea that swallowing it nearly made you choke although that is a complete lie. I took it gingerly from her hand, popped it in my mouth and began crunching. Mmmm... nummy. And I will not make excuses. It really WAS good. So maybe instead of stating "my life through the milky way" I can instead say, "Emily's Muse: Eater of Crawly Things.=) =) " So when may I ask you is the appropriate time (if ever) to declare to boyfriends that you think eating bugs is cool? Okay maybe never. Maybe I can become a closet bug eater. I can just envision him finding me some day in a closet with a lightbulb dangling from the ceiling as I munch away. How horrible. Okay... maybe not. But I'm still VERY tempted. =)

Happy Friday folks!


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