Saturday, July 17, 2010

{tonight i looked up for the stars...}

and I couldn't see any. I panicked for a minute. Really I did. But the clouds were swirling, and the wind was blowing in cold droplets onto my exposed skin and all I wished for was my home. My home among the stars. I could feel them missing me too... singing, shining among themselves sharing stories of history, loves, wars, and hopes and dreams. I love their company. I love my life.

Wishing upon a star...

I wish to hold a little fuzzy lamb. I can feel her little heart beating just like little Emma, Rosie and Doreen once upon a time did. Feeding them little bottles of warm formula, nesting them in cozy little corners with sweet hay and stroking them softly until their little doe eyes close with those long lashes. Mmmmm... that cozy warmness. Love it. I love giving it and I love being in it. It's that sweet comfort of being in all that oily wool, mothering them just like they need to be, and looking into their sweet little chocolate eyes and being sold right there. On the spot. =)


In all seriousness I am still thinking about this movie. Kind of wanting it to be me in a way. Just a little bit. Sound spoiled don't I? Maybe I do but who can help it. An adventure on one's own, living out a dream, and finding something that you would never expect to find. Love on your own terms... well, kind of. Whatever THAT means. Right? Can it be uncomplicated and easy for once? Any way, it's a good movie and totally worth the box of tissues.

Other thoughts? My car got keyed. Yep. Darn whoever it was. I don't really mean that I guess. But really, my NEW car. Just figures doesn't it? Why would anyone do that? My pretty black car with figure eights laced on the hood and unto the crome. I really don't even feel mad but more disappointed, really. So off to the body shop on Monday to see if I can't figure out if something can be done. I wonder how you could live with yourself after doing something like that to someone's car. Can you have a heart and do that someone? Anyway... the scoop is that I am STILL super blessed every time I sit down into it and still smile every time I look out the window and see it sitting there. I don't think that will ever leave. Never, ever.


I miss taking pictures. Yep. Woohoo right? But I've noticed that among all my business I haven't taken nearly as much and summer is almost over here. One of the maple trees in the backyard is changing already and although that appears to the rest of you as very early that is ONE of the perks of living so far up North. Beautiful fall colors. SO can't wait for the Bayfield Apple Festival in October. With all that beautiful leafy color.THAT my dear friends is one of MY favorite places to be aside from my beautiful Lake. October is a dreamy time of year. A perfect time for dreams to come true. =)

I think I'm enjoying too much time to think. And thinking gets me in trouble sometimes so I'm going to say goodnight. I need to rest this weary head... listen to the raindrops pelting my window and find my dear Milky Way.


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