Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{changes happen... sometimes}

As you've probably noticed on my sidebar I've been enjoying ALOT of reading lately. After I graduated in December I couldn't even LOOK at a book without getting cold sweats. I had spent eight years behind tomes of notable text, reading, taking notes, and studying my poor meager brains out. That is until this last month. I have become a self-improvement junkie! I have a reason for this. Eight years spent behind books learning about what everyone else thought and now it was time to understand what I thought about stuff. So that is where I find myself, amusingly so perhaps, burried behind books on finding me. I'm enjoying it thoroughly too. Like the recent book by Stacy Kaiser on How To Be A Grown Up. Wow did that book ever erase some lies that I've been holding on too. One of them being that in life you are dealt a hand of cards. You don't have to keep the cards in your hand that don't work for you. Instead, trade them in for the ones you do. BOOM! Like a blast of lightening. She was so right. And that is what every one of the books I've been picking up lately have been like. Revelation after burning revelation. Some of them are extremely convicting. Like in-your-face counseling sessions where you want to run out the door but you know if you miss out on this opportunity for someone to speak truth in your life you are going to regret it forever. So I've pinched open the pages, cried, regretted and then smiled, laughed and finally cried again with healing tears. It's been one of the best things that I think I have ever done for myself. Discovering why I am who I am. Pretty powerful stuff. =)

So onto other things... weather. What the HECK is going on people. It has NOT been a typical Duluth summer. Now really I shouldn't even waste my breath bemoaning over it but this is why. I DON'T LIKE HEAT! There. Said it and now I feel so much better. Whew. It's been so hot these last few weeks that I honestly can't even tell you the last time that it was sixty degrees which is what normal is. Instead, it's been in the high eighties every day. Makes you want to climb into a cacoon and wait for winter to show up. I'm serious. Bring it on baby! =)

So I was rather inspired by the above photo that I found on Naturally Nina's blog. Isn't that the most liberating pose you could think of? Okay maybe I'm a freak and maybe that image makes YOU grind your teeth but for me... that is just... sigh.... neat. Life time goal? To be able to do that before I die. But because I am trying to set goals and stick to them I want to be able to do this in ONE YEAR! How? Just watch me people. Or... in other words... keep posted. Because I am GOING to do it. Mmmmhhhmmmm.... =)

Have a pleasant evening!


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