Friday, June 11, 2010

{shooting stars}

I found out that as I've gotten older (right, like I'm really THAT far along in years) that things I remember as being huge deals really aren't any more. Even now, I don't remember what they all were about. Silly right? Like who cares about the little things when it's really about lost limbs or other life threatening things.

When I was young I loved sneaking outside at night to watch stars. Alot of the times I couldn't see them from my bedroom window because the white pines were so tall. I'd pray and pray for a shooting star so that I could wish upon it and see if that wish would come true. Alot of them have by the way. Many. Gosh I don't even know where I was going now with this. I guess I'm looking for more shooting stars is all. I miss those carefree hours of just sitting there and watching those stars pass over head and just twinkle. I know I have to do that more because it makes me so happy. My problem and excuse is that I work such a long day, get home and work on stuff and then have to go to bed early enough so that I can wake up in the morning without feeling like I am going to die. =) I need a vacation. I've decided. With plenty of time to watch stars overhead and sit near a warm fire roasting marshmallows and then falling a sleep in a comfy tent with loons singing in the distance. Yep, I've decided. =)

Wish me luck everyone. I have to plan THAT vacation. =)


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