Monday, June 14, 2010

{love affair}

(oooo look a spidy!!!)

Yes, this is really exciting... my current love affair. Lichen. Mmm.. now aren't these pictures great? Okay I might be a bit partial since I happen to be a a huge lichen/moss freak (I won't deny it) however my sister the photgrapher, Flora Elle, says that they turned out pretty good. That means she really thinks it is great.

Update: I made it through my performance review today. Big. Deep. Breath. Whew. I received some wonderful constructive criticism (I'm finally at the point where hearing the truth doesn't make my eyes mist over) and truth be known, it was something I was waiting to hear. It has catapulted me into a new direction and I couldn't be happier. So yay there.

Update number 2:  My new job is going very well. That is not to say that I have fully transitioned. That will come for sure. Right now my main goal is to remain focused on the prize, which is looking forward to the fact that I will work for only ONE boss and have only two lines to answer. Mine and his. Not eighteen phone lines, eighteen calendars or to work for four administrators. Those years multitasking and learning how to prioritize my time has been invaluable. I wouldn't take anything back, well, except for the stress. I think I probably would have enjoyed less of that. =)

Update number 3: The house has been on the market for about two weeks now. We have gotten a few nibbles but that is it. Flora Elle and myself are so excited about our new place. Even though it is a ways off yet, we have our condo picked out and our plans in it starting to come to light. Movie nights together watching LOST reruns (totally ashamed, I didn't watch the finale), cooking and baking together, and just making a fun home. I can't imagine living with anyone more fun. My own sister. =)

So that is what's up. Oh and just so you know. It is raining again. Again. It's been cloudy, foggy, rainy and raining for the last five days or so. Rain, rain go away because if you don't I will have to read every Face Book update from Mat (coworker) telling Face Book that it is another day of just rain. Ugh... please, there has got to be something better then just that. Let's see I can help. Skipping in puddles, walking in the rain, wishing on rain drops that squiggle down the window pane. Lots of stuff.

Alright, so that concludes my updates and my obsession with lichen. Check in with you soon!


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