Tuesday, June 8, 2010

{rewind and press play}

Do you often times have a great idea and get so excited about it? You might spend a whole week daydreaming about how you'll put it together. What you will feel, how the moment will taste. Then a day goes by, hours, minutes, seconds and you realize that the first feeling you had surrounding that moment is no longer there. Don't you wish you could rewind and press play? There are certain memories I have like those too, not just ones I want to create. Memories of whooly little lambs being born, and chicks hatching. Running through a field of daisies and watching crickets bounce around you as you'd approach. I love memories like those, the ones that keep you in a constant state of calm and rest and reassurance. Where smiles and hearts beam bigger then life and you can feel the sunshine pouring out of your pores.Those are moments I want to keep purely present.

The weather in Duluth has been dreary at best. Cold, dark, foggy and rainy. Remembering the day I took these pictures reminds me of just how lovely summer in Duluth can be. If, you choose to think on it. Here we have robust poppies, sweet cosmos, columbine, lilly of the valley and others. Our back patio is one of my favorite places to eat my breakfast in the morning. The little birdies chirping as they dive bomb in and out from the bird feeder and little chipmunks running around underneith my feet. I choose to see it sunny although I can't see six feet away from the window right now. And although I am wrapped up in a cozy blanket because it is chilly and damp, I can just imagine running around barefoot and believing that everything is perfectly warm and I can hear ships coming into Port. Wonderful. So today, I am rewinding to sunnier days, warmer breezes and intoxicating fragrances from the lillies. Who ever knew that a flower could have such a strong perfume. Wow. That is just amazing. I wonder what makes a flower smell. Here I come Google! =)


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