Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{little miss (lacking) sunshine}

The weather is being so horrible right now. It is cold and rainy and dreary and cold again. Snow is still in the forecast and if I even have to remind you what date it is in May..... alright moving on. =)

So after much well meaning scolding I promise you all that I will NOT skip breakfast, lunch and dinner to fit into my dress. I know I'll be fine. =) A good SPANXing is right. Thanks Jack! =)

Well, finals are upon the house of the Little Women which means that everyone at this point is crying and stressing out over papers, and exams and all kinds of fun stuff. Gosh, do I ever remember being in that same boat. It's not fun for sure. My sister Laura, just got offered a job today to work as a hygienist about thirty minutes out of town. I think she should go for it. It would be great experience and she can move on after a few months. Just imagine though. You haven't even crossed the stage at graduation and you are offered a job. SICK! I am so proud of my little Flora Elle. She has worked so hard to graduate! So the big celebration is Monday night the 17th. A little pink bubbly and a fine dinner and BANG! A graduate. I loved that feeling of knowing when I was officially done. All that pressure off. It felt like a million bucks. =) Then, all of a sudden like me, you start getting your loan repayment notices in the mail and then real life starts. A job, bills, responsibilities and etc. Fun stuff. If you allow yourself to see that it can be fun. =)

So no more rambling from me today. Just wanted to reassure you all that I will not give myself an eating disorder to fit into my dress. LOL! =)


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