Saturday, May 8, 2010

{jelly belly ache}

Random facts about me... or annoynances, are probably what is the better word. So for my birthday, my family got me a LARGE jar of Jelly Belly jelly beans. You know the kind. The popcorn flavored one. The one that tastes like... well, I can't really tell you what it tastes like because my blog is totally rated G. But any way, it is that really funny flavored one that you hope to not get alone because if you do than that means that your mouth will totally sour and pucker up into this amazing contortion.... okay, I digress. But my annoyance? My sister Laura has a major sweet tooth. I will explain to you how horrible this so called sweet tooth is. She once, at the age of 10 ate a WHOLE pan of brownies and made herself so sick that she groaned on the top of her bunk bed all night. I know because my bed was right below hers. Darn it was right. So, I thought I would test this out. So I very obnoxiously place the lovely jar, decked out with curly ribbon, on top of my night table. Every day now, since then it keeps going down. Slowly but surely, it is going to be gone and then this will be super funny because then I can blame it all on her. AGAIN! I can have candy sit around for weeks. Actually, just the other day I found a whole pile of Easter candy that I didn't know that I even had because I had stuffed it in my drawer. Away from her actually. I have been sharing my Easter, Christmas, and Halloween candy with her for years. She finishes hers in two days, if shes lucky and then she just starts helping herself to mine. Stinker. Oh well, lets just see what happens to her when she hits forty. Yep, that will change. No more candy snitching for Miss Flora Elle. She might just explode. =) Oh my gosh, I just laughed so hard at the thought of that I almost threw up my strawberry. =) So.....

Yes, we did have a snow storm and lo and behold the next day you wake up and it is nearly gone. Only Duluth, Minnesota folks, only. Honestly, when they say we have four seasons in one day they are not kidding. Because that is exactly what has been happening around here. Seventy degree weather with little birdies singing then BAM, it is 32 degrees and blowing snow up your nose when you walk across the parking lot.


The gum habit is almost but all cured. You know what did it for me? I saw an old lady the other day when I was shopping at Target bend over and pick up a mascara that she dropped. Only she picked up something else too, the gum that dropped out of her mouth. I stood there in complete shock. Thinking to myself, "No. You are NOT actually going to stick that back in your mouth are you?!!!" Yep, she did. And smacked away quite happily with the biggest grin on her face. So that did me in. I hear applause. Well, mostly coming from my own poor worn out jaw. When you can't open your mouth in the morning because it is so stiff from chewing all day you know you have a problem. Let's not make TMJ a reality.... if I can help it anyway. Oh well. Bye, bye poor dear friend. Hey, another reason to look forward to Heaven. Endless packs of Stride gum just waiting for me by the mountain full. Yep, I know. I can see you all smiling now. Happy for me? I am. Super happy. =)

Update 2:

Ashley, the youngest of the Little Women brood has become quite enthralled with Evil Knevel reruns on You Tube. Since she has been taking this Pop Culture class for her senior year she has been filling me in on all the hilarious happenings of the sixties, seventies and eighties. But the best? So the other day, I hear this out of control laughter. Like the kind of laughter that sounds absolutely painful. So I run into her room to find her completely doubled over in laughter as she watches a You Tube clip of Tiny Tim playing his ukulele, singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips on the Dick Martin Show. She watches that nearly every day now. Please, if you want a goodhearted laugh, you HAVE to watch that.

Update 3:

Laura has FINALLY made it through her regional boards for the Dental Hygeine program. Meaning, that in a little more than a week my mom will have two girls in the house who are college graduates. Job hunting is the next course of action which will be pretty intersting because Laura has never had an interview for anything. So my job as the big sister? Going through everything I can possibly think an interview committee might ask her. I have had some very hair raising interviews in my young life. Three that will change the shape of history for me. Lets just say that they have never consisted of less then ten people except for the last one I just had. That was five people. But seriously. Has anyone ever had that experience before? If not then well, maybe I am just special. =)

Okay, that is enough for me. I have spilled all my beans.... =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Em
Love your updates and just had a look at Tiptoe through the Tulips well if he or is it a she was a hit then maybe there is a whole world out there that we can all make it in the music industry.As for Laura have you ever heard about a dentist that eats so many sweets. Thats the kind of one that I want to go to.
Have a wonderful dya in Duluth whatever the weather

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