Friday, May 7, 2010

{4 inches of snow}

Yep. Do NOT even talk to me about it. Four inches of snow is on its way. And it is all my fault for two reasons. You know why? First. I JUST put the shovels away. Secondly, I talked to three, yes THREE people the other day about how I thought it was strange that we never got a spring storm. Well, blast it! I think I should just keep my mouth shut. Yep. Next time I won't say anything and we will be just fine. It is so cold too. Thirty-two degrees in ALMOST the middle of May. Isn't it kind of upsetting? Okay, now I know another reason why it is my fault that it is snowing. I said that I would love making more snow angels. Well, now if that is the case then I am happy that it snowed. Otherwise, this just makes for very interesting commuting.

On another note... =) this should be a neat one. We were on the Weather Channel because we are having a snow storm. They were making fun of us too. Well, I don't blame them. Who ever even jokes about stuff like this? The weather man does. So if this doesn't discourage you with the idea of living here someday I think this will. Well, at least it totally skipped the day of my birthday. We had an ice storm a few years back that absolutely demolished the town. Yeah, that was SUPER fun. No electricity for a week, downed trees and telephone polls. Lets just say that I was getting pretty sick and tired of eating crackers and baked beans. =)

Yep, you get the picture....


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