Thursday, April 1, 2010

{flippin' flapjack}

Yep, it's my new favorite word. I didn't grow up in a home where swearing was tolerated. My parents didn't swear (even when they argured) and when I heard swearing I figured it was a deadly sin. Tack on a few years and you would think that I would start sometime right? Sure, its inevitable. Not me. Now I'm not saying this just to be icky and I'm not wanting to sound judgmental (but really just want to make you laugh). So this was my reason for NOT swearing all those years or finding it something enticing, although I will admit there are days when a good whopper would feel good (at least on those really bad days you think it would). Reason why? One simple answer. Sweeter kisses. I am absolutely convinced that there are sweeter kisses in store for me for NOT swearing. Does that sound conceted? Okay maybe it does. But this is the truth for me. Black and white. I don't think I would have been able to explain it to anyone before but after much consideration I know why. I can't imagine kissing the man I love with the same mouth I would use to say those hard words. Now does that make sense? You know, I am often times amused and inspired by the letters of the really cool brunette who writes letters to her "husband-to-be". I guess this is one of those, alas the letter. Am I right? Are kisses sweeter? Yep, they most certainly are. I'm convinced. =)

So back to my favorite word. This is where you will laugh. So like I said, you know that enticing part of wanting to add a whopper to a really nasty situation? Well, this is where "flippin' flapjack" comes in handy. Just saying it alleviates the tension and I must admit makes me giggle. So there you go. Say it without abandon and I am sure that all around you will get a good giggle too. =) I'm sure my coworker Mat thinks I am a complete lunatic. Well in some ways I am. In other ways, well lets not go there quite yet. LOL! =)

Tonight I am so excited because I get the opportunity to go and have coffee with my best friend Kelly tonight down at the coffee shop (Yep you know which one. Seriously, I should have stock in that company). But she is getting married May 22nd to her sweetheart and I am her maid of honor. She is getting married here and the reception will be up on the hill. I am so excited about her color choices too. She is doing a Kelly green (lol). But I must admit, it is getting super hard trying to find a nice not-over-the-top bridesmaid dress. Makes me insane. I have an idea but right now it just makes me crabby. It shouldn't be so hard is what I am thinking. Goofy. Oh well, it will all come in its perfect timing. =)

By the way, happy April Fools Day. I completely forgot. Another reason why I am excited today? My birthday is in twenty-eight days. Cool!!! =)

I'll have some more pictures for you tonight after our coffee outing!

Picture Courtesy of Naturally Nina


Callie said...

Happy early birthday and happy April fools day too! Enjoy your coffee time.

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