Sunday, April 4, 2010

{coughing, blue skys and sunshine and chocolate eggs}

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

This weekend has been a blast. Besides the fact that I can hardly breathe without wheezing from this terrible cold I have. Have you ever had a cold that made you think your lungs were going to explode? Well, I have and it was aweful. I woke up Friday morning with such heaviness on my chest and pain. Oh the pain was/is just terrible. Burning pain. Ouch. Thanks to Robitussen I was able to get some of it to come up ( I know, ick, but that's the truth) now I am just home cuddled up again in a cozy blanket, my eyes starting to close with the comfort of the smell of fresh bread being made.

Friday night we had a blast decorating eggs. Imagine three girls trying to entertain two guys. It went better then expected. They actually enjoyed it more I think then we did. The crayons were the big hit. Yep, plenty of little faces on the eggs, meant for plenty of laughs that offered to some great healing, for me anyway. Deep down laughter that hurt. =)

Saturday, me and Nathan went up to Gooseberry State Park to climb the falls. I know, I'm sick. But I was really needing an adventure. Time out of the house, sunshine, fresh air and someone to just talk to that wasn't a sister (as lovely as they are) or a coworker (as enlightening as they can be). We took some great pictures and at 6 feet four inches Nathan can really get some great shots. It's amazing what someone twelve inches taller than you can do. LOL! We enjoyed a lunch at Betty's Pies and came back home to take a quick walk along the Canal before dropping me off to head off to dream land. I fell asleep at 8:00 last night. EIGHT! My oh my. But I really needed it. I only wish that tomorrow wasn't such a busy day at work so that I could actually call in sick because I know in my heart that is what I need. One more day to just unwind and catch up before heading out and getting busy again. Weekends are just NOT long enough.

So on to the chocolate eggs. My mom being the little dear that she is, can't help but still pile a load of candy into Easter baskets for us girls. I am sure if she has the opportunity she would do it until us girls are all old ladies. Only this time, we don't run around trying to find them anymore. Ashley was quite bummed. "Just because I am twenty does not mean that I am too old to find my Easter basket." Us girls just laughed. "No but mom is too old to go running around trying to hide it for YOU Ashley." You should have seen the pout on her lip. Oh well, what didn't make up for the hunting made up with all the lovely candy. So she is one happy duckling and besides me nearly falling into a coughing attack at church this morning everything is pretty good. I think I may have turned purple because Pastor Jeff looked out at me with concerned eyes and I only raised my hand with an okay sign and he went on preaching. Poor guy. Lets just say that there may have had to have been one more resurrection today. Mine. LOL! =)

So off to watch a movie curled up on the couch or go to bed. I can't decide. Although I know either one I pick is going to end up sending me off to sleep. I am SO tired. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired though. ENOUGH! Sorry for complaining. Believe me. Even though I don't express it much I am complaining enough about it in my head and I am sick of myself. Nuts. Just nuts. So I am praying for health, wellbeing and my strength back. I need it. Really REALLY bad.

I have all those great pictures to post in the next note so hang on!

Happy Easter and blessings to you all!


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