Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{it's the little things...} Nathan would say, and I have begun to realize that more and more. Since Caribou has become my new hot spot I have become obsessed (literally) with the small things around me. Take for instance this white chocolate campfire mocha the other night. Look at those itty bitty tiny little chocolate chips. It just makes me giggle. Giggling is good and I need it these days. Work is stressful right now, not because it is beyond horrible or anything, but just because alot of changes are going on. But okay, look at these cute little guys hanging out in the cream. Well, at least you know they died happy melting in a smooth, soft bed of cream. Nummy. Makes me smile, big time. Mmmmmmhhhmmmmmmm =)

Oh gosh, divinity right in my hand!!!!

Oh yeah! Ooooooooooo =)

I know, I have a problem. But look! How CUTE is that, come on really?

You want to hear something so sweet? Okay so I am sitting outside today with my sister Flora Elle (my affectionate nickname for Laura, how do you like that? lol! ) as we enjoy lunch (today it was a turkey bacon wrap, ick ick ick) and she studies for her Dental Hygeine board exams which are in 13 days (poor thing she is absolutely losing it). So anyway, one of my colleagues comes out and says to me while she walks to her car, "The wind is so beautiful. It's soft, like butter." Gosh, that is exactly what it was like. Soft, like butter. I think that it just has to be a song someday so I am starting to sing it, in my heart. You know what it reminded me of? The movie The Notebook. Something so lovely about that show being in a laid back southern town where all the beautiful things are experienced for the first time because you are in love and you feel like you are flying on wings of eagles. "Where would you go I ask, if you had wings like eagles? To Alaska," was the reply. Mmmmm.... exactly. "Not too far away from the city but I am thinking somewhere near the mountains in a cabin where you can just watch the wilderness creep in around you and take your breath away." Yes, just like that. Love it. =)

So, I must admit, I have another ridiculous craving (my favorite flavor is the sparkling grapfruit). Darn it too that our area Whole Foods Co-op actually sells the darn stuff in bulk. I could just die, of superior GLEE! But hey! I'm not alone. There is another blogger that loves her Izze juices too. So yeah, I bought a whole case. My mom flipped out. "There she goes. The juice girl." Yep, I have been a major juicy since I popped out. Okay that sounds a bit strange now that I read it, but its true. Love juice! So get over it. Well, at least I know I will NEVER get over it. =) =)

Must list a HUGE pet peeve right now, just because I am sure you are all really interested, right? Well you know how I got hit by a drunk driver a few weeks ago and slammed up my mirror? Well still haven't had the darn time to go and get the beast fixed. MUST do that this weekend. My car is starting to look super ghetto. Not like I am complaining either. But when your sister's friend keeps reminding you of that every time you step out of your car you start getting the hint that maybe, just maybe he is actually right this time. Bummer, and I thought I was SO cool. Well, I am over that. I think almost being twenty-six will do that for you. All of a sudden I have noticed that being me is the best gift that I could possibly give myself, even if that means going against the grain a little bit, well by that I mean other people's grain. I am living a super gleeful life where being okay to laugh about dribbling down your shirt in front of really cool people doesn't even faze you any more. Oh gosh... apparently I have alot to talk about lately. Ramble, ramble. Rant, rant. =) Still love me? HAHAHAHAAA!

Well, so off I go to butt heads with another adventure. This time? Watching an ancient old film of the Mummy with Boris Carlof. Oh yeah, I'm a super geek. I think I forgot to tell you that. Welll, I'm wathcing it with my sisters who miss me terribly right now because I have been so busy at work. Oh and the cold? Super nasty but God bless Zinc and OJ and and all that other fun stuff. Oh and Puffs Kleenex? Yep, it's a life saver. I can't tell you. My poor nose is singing its praises. Darn cold. Grrrrrr! So off I go to wrap up in my toasty little under things (clears throat, cough cough, ouch OUCH!) and to curl up on the couch for some good laughs and great screams. Here comes the MUMMY! Are you scared? I think I am ...... Da da. Da da. Dadadadada... oh shoot thats a different movie. LOL! =)


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